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Civic Detroit • 21 January 2019
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We are seeking change agents, connectors, and catalyzers to help us expand the Civic Action Center to help our communities build and connect campaigns and movements.

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More info: We are seeking volunteers who can act as digital organizers and/or on the ground organizers.  We work to ensure that committed activists and change makers are connected across our various organizations, campaigns and movements. There are a number of roles  and activities that we are seeking to fill:

  • Regional Organizers - For those interested in connecting folks in your area with local actions and activism organizations.
  • Issue Organizers - For folks who are passionate about a particular issue and want to connect others to actions and organizations who are building campaigns and movements around 
  • Cross-Campaign Movement Builders - We want to serve as connective tissue across campaigns and time.  We want to keep folks connected as energy dissipates in one area and gains steam in another.  

To be clear, we aren't fundraising organizing currently, instead focusing on social capital and connectivity as a means to improved outcomes in activism.  

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