We Are Awesome Coloring Book Available for Presale

Shine Caramia • 31 October 2019
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The We Are Awesome project celebrates, through the everyday art of coloring pages, awe-inspiring women (both AFAB and trans) and non-binary people currently working to make positive change in our world. Every week I featured a different person, and these are the first 60.

My goal is to create something meaningful and beautiful that will benefit our world. I want to make the project accessible, engaging, and heartening. I’m especially eager for an audience of young people who might be motivated to emulate the actions and behaviors of these people influencing our world in such a necessary way.

This is a thank you note. Our world changes for the better because of people like these.

The book is available for presale here

preview of the coloring book cover, a collection of faces with the title "We Are Awesome."

Here are some previews:

Two page spread of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar coloring pages

Two page spread of Gaelynn Lea and Kelsey Leonard coloring pages

Two pages spread of Soon Hee Newbold and Alana Nichols coloring pages

Two page spread of biographies for Leymah Gbowee and Emma Gonz´alez

Two page spread of biographies for Arabelle Sicardi and Amandla Stenberg

Two page spread of biographies for Yoani Sanchez and Amy Sherald





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